Roof top garden
Character Areas

We’ve designed several ‘character areas’ across the site that capitalise on key features, including the waterfront and the regeneration of the DLR track with planting, incidental play spaces and covered walkways.

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A new urban quarter

The proposals aim to foster a thriving new urban community. With homes, shops, leisure spaces and more, One East Point will provide an attractive place to live, work and relax

Workspace showing people
Amenity spaces

Inviting amenities, both indoor and outdoor, will draw a variety of people to the site. We envision a new public square, generous urban green spaces, a sculpture garden and a wellbeing centre, along with games rooms and other play areas.

Children play space
Community focus

With its vibrant, inclusive mix of uses, One East Point will reflect local identities and engender a sense of belonging in the area. We aspire to deliver a safe, inviting place that enhances the local community.

People walking around a community
Wellbeing for all

Our design supports physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, with consideration given to everything from access to daylight and fresh air to thermal comfort, acoustics, and the smell and tactility of materials.

Improved connectivity

By maximising pedestrian links to existing and future public transport hubs as well as local amenities, the scheme will encourage active, low-carbon travel within the local community.

Planting in urban space
Green Economy

Our design choices support an inclusive green economy, with the ultimate aim of reducing environmental and ecological damage and improving wellbeing and social equity.