What principles are underpinning this project?

Our vision is to develop a new urban quarter with its own unique mix of culture, leisure and work opportunities. We want the development to embed into the community and reflect sustainability to the highest degree.

How many homes are you building and what is the level of affordable?

We will be delivering 469 homes: 343 for private sale and 126 affordable. This translates to 35% affordable by habitable rooms, as per Tower Hamlets and GLA policy requirements.

Will the development be sustainable?

Yes. We have designed the scheme to be environmentally friendly and sustainable in both construction and completion.

What amenities will you provide for the community?

Our proposal includes both indoor and outdoor spaces designed to appeal to a range of demographics. These include a new public square, green spaces with extensive landscaping, children’s play areas, a health and wellbeing centre, a sculpture garden, and more

How are you consulting local residents?

In the first instance, we’re consulting residents, local stakeholders and local councillors through this website, which explains the details of the scheme and offers people the chance to voice their views through an electronic form.

We’ve also scheduled a public webinar, which we’ve advertised in the local press, and distributed a newsletter around the site. Finally, we‘re arranging briefings with local councillors and community groups.

Late 2021

Following the consultation, we will take in the feedback from the community which will help shape the scheme.

Early 2022

We will submit a full planning application to Tower Hamlets Council.

Spring 2022

Tower Hamlets Council will conduct a public consultation on the scheme

Summer / Autumn 2022

Tower Hamlets (LBTH) councillors will decide if the scheme conforms with local planning policy and will determine the application.

Winter 2022

The London Mayor / GLA will confirm the decision of Tower Hamlets Council

Spring 2023

If consented, work will begin on site.